The Revenue and Taxation Code, Chapter 8 of Part 6 of Division 1 (Chapter 8), beginning with Section 3791, allows public agencies, taxing agencies and nonprofit organizations (Eligible Entities) to enter into a “Chapter 8” agreement to purchase tax-defaulted property by either objecting to the sale of properties scheduled for auction, or requesting to purchase unsold properties from prior auctions.

Public agencies and taxing agencies may use a property for any purpose that is not otherwise prohibited by local planning and land use regulations.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations, if purchasing residential properties, may purchase only substandard properties and, after rehabilitation, must sell to, rent to or otherwise use the properties to serve the needs of, low income persons. Nonprofit organizations that purchase vacant land must meet the same objectives, or may dedicate the land for public use.

The Treasurer and Tax Collector (TTC) developed the Chapter 8 Web Portal to share tax-defaulted property data, including addresses, maps and other data, with Eligible Entities.

Chapter 8 Web Portal

To view the Chapter 8 Web Portal, users must complete two steps:

  1. Complete and submit a Request to Register. Public agencies, taxing agencies and nonprofit organizations must meet State eligibility requirements to enter into Chapter 8 Agreements.
  2. Acknowledge reading, understanding and agreeing with the Terms of Use relating to the Chapter 8 Web Portal.

Chapter 8 Portal Login

Within five business days after submitting a Request to Register, Eligible Entities will receive an email that contains instructions and a hyperlink to complete registration for access to the Chapter 8 Web Portal. Eligible Entities that follow the hyperlink and complete the registration process can view the Chapter 8 Web Portal by following the same hyperlink or using the log in below.

Eligible Entities can Login to view the Chapter 8 Web Portal by clicking the button below.