The Treasurer and Tax Collector establishes the minimum bid for a property in the auction to include taxes, penalties and costs. The sale price at auction may exceed the minimum bid. Excess Proceeds is the amount of funds remaining after the Treasurer and Tax Collector sells a tax-defaulted property and recovers the taxes, penalties and costs.

No later than 90 days after the sale of the property, if the amount of excess proceeds exceeds $150, the Treasurer and Tax Collector shall mail written notice of “EXCESS PROCEEDS FROM SALE OF DEFAULTED PROPERTY” to the last known mailing addresses of parties of interest in the tax-defaulted property.

Parties of interest may file claims by completing and returning the forms that are included with the written notices. Parties of interest may also file claims by using the instructions and forms listed below.

State law allows parties of interest to designate agents, who may require fees to file claims on their behalf. However, parties of interest can file claims, without fees, directly with the Treasurer and Tax Collector.

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