Mobile Home (AKA Manufactured Home) Tax Clearance Certificate

The County of Los Angeles, Treasurer and Tax Collector provides a Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate, upon request, when a mobile home is purchased, or when a title to a mobile home is transferred or changed.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development requires a Tax Clearance Certificate to transfer title of a mobile home subject to local property taxes. A Tax Clearance Certificate states that the taxes on a mobile home are current. Because mobile homes may be relocated, the State of California uses Tax Clearance Certificates to ensure counties have received their due taxes. If there are any outstanding taxes, you must pay the taxes before the Treasurer and Tax Collector issues a Tax Clearance Certificate.

If a Tax Clearance Certificate is not issued at the time of the transfer, the mobile home title will not transfer to the new owner’s name. The California Department of Housing and Community Development cannot transfer a mobile home title, subject to local property taxes, without a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Treasurer and Tax Collector of the county where the mobile home is located.

Following receipt of a request, the Treasurer and Tax Collector searches the secured and unsecured property tax rolls to verify existing tax bills are paid or if there is an outstanding tax liability. In addition, on January 1 of each year, the Treasurer and Tax Collector is required to estimate the taxes for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). The Treasurer and Tax Collector requires payment of the estimated taxes, in addition to payment of any unpaid prior taxes, to issue a Tax Clearance Certificate. If an escrow company, as a result of a pending sale, requests a Tax Clearance Certificate, the Treasurer and Tax Collector will issue a Conditional Tax Clearance Certificate requiring the estimated taxes and all existing unpaid property taxes be collected at the close of escrow and paid to the Treasurer and Tax Collector.

If you are purchasing a mobile home, or you are acting on behalf of someone purchasing a mobile home, you may request a Tax Clearance Certificate at no charge, as follows:

Complete the Request for Tax Clearance or Conditional Tax Clearance Certificate form and submit by any of the following:

Fax (213) 633-5004
Mail County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector
Public Service Division
Mobile Home Unit
225 North Hill Street, Room 109
Los Angeles, California 90012

Processing of a Tax Clearance Certificate can take approximately 15 business days to complete (i.e., log the request, research the tax rolls and type correspondence). Upon completion of this process, the Treasurer and Tax Collector will mail you notice of any tax amount due. Following the receipt of payment, the Treasurer and Tax Collector will issue and mail the Tax Clearance Certificate to the address indicated on the request. Payments must be made by CASH, CASHIER’S CHECK, PERSONAL CHECK, OR ESCROW CHECK. As delineated above, several steps are required in finalizing this transaction. We log and process Tax Clearance Certificate requests in the order received. Please wait 15 business days before contacting our office if you have not received a response.

For additional information, please refer to the Mobile Home Taxes Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Mobile Home Unit at

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