Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The PIN is a 6-character alphanumeric number assigned to a piece of real property. The PIN may contain all alpha, all numeric or alpha/numeric characters. The alpha letter 'O' is not used in the PIN. The '0' is always a number zero. This PIN is found on Secured Property Tax Bills. You must enter the PIN in order to view your payment history online. If you do not have your PIN, please email us at, be sure to list your AIN and use the phrase "Duplicate Bill" in the subject line, or call us at 1(888) 807-2111, press 1, 2 and then press 9 to reach an agent. Upon your request, we will mail you a copy of a duplicate bill to the property address or mailing address on record. Please note, for security purposes, we cannot disclose your PIN over the telephone, via email or fax.

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