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Business Activities That Require a County Business License

Acupressure Establishment Locksmith Itinerant
Acupressurist Lumberyard
Ambulance Operator Restaurant/Club Manager
Ambulance Vehicle Massage Parlor
Ambulette Attendant Massage Technician
Ambulette Driver Mechanical Rides
Ambulette Operator Model Studio
Ambulette Vehicle Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Apartment House Motor Vehicle Body and Fender
Billiard Room Motor Vehicle Licensed Repair
Bingo Manager Motor Vehicle Painting
Bingo Operator Motor Vehicle Rental
Bingo Supplier Motor Vehicle Repair
Boarding House Motorcycle Contest
Body Art Establishment Off-Road Vehicles
  Body Art/Piercing/Tattoo Oil Tool Exchange
Body Art Technician Outdoor Festival
Bookstore Pawnbroker
Bottle Works Peddler, Commercial Motor Vehicle
Bottlewashing Peddler, Special Events
Bowling Alley Picnic Park
Card and Game Club Picture Arcade
Carnival Plant Nursery
Carnival Game Booth Pony Ride
Charitable Institution Poultry Dealer
Circus or Traveling Show Private School
Close Out Sale Promoter
Coin-Operated Game Public Eating
Coin-Operated Phonograph Rebound Tumbling
Cold Storage Warehouse Rendering Plant
Dance Rifle Range
Demonstrator Rodeo
Entertainment Salvage Collector
Escort Bureau Salvage Dealer
Exhibition Sawmill
Explosives Secondhand Dealer Charity
Fertilizer Plant Secondhand Dealer Regular
Filling Station Sex-Oriented Business
Food Establishment Shooting Gallery
Foundry Skating Rink
Funeral Escort Driver Solicitor
Funeral Escort Service Sound/Advertising Truck
Game Arcade Swimming Pool, Public
Gas and Oil Tanker Taxi Dance Hall
Gun Dealer Taxi Dance Instructor
Hay, Grain, Feed Dealer Taxicab Driver
Health Spa Taxicab Operator
Hog Ranch Taxicab Vehicle
Horsemeat, Uncooked Theater
Hotel/Motel Tow Truck
Identification Card Trade-In Dealer
Launderette Vacation Certificate
Live Poultry Dealer Valet Parking Service
Livery Stable Water Taxi Operator
Locksmith Weed Eradicator
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