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Third Party Reminder Notification


What is it?

You can designate a third party (e.g., a friend, family member, or agency) to receive a copy of the past-due notice that is sent to you. While the third party is not responsible for paying the bill, they can remind you that your property tax bill may be delinquent, or remind you to take action to prevent you from losing your property in the event of a tax sale for back taxes due. Senior citizens, those with language limitations, and others who require special assistance are among those who may benefit from this program.

Here's how it works

Through our Third Party Notification Program, the Tax Collector lets you choose a Third Party (relative, friend, or social agency) to receive a copy of any delinquent tax bill that may be mailed to you.

The person can then remind you about the past due bill. Please note that the Third Party is not legally responsible to pay any part of your bill or take action. This program does not stop the property from being sold if the property is up for auction.

How to participate?

If you would like to take advantage of this program, please complete the return card, detach it and mail it back to us. You can also complete and submit Third Party Notification Program Return Form online.

Because customer account information is confidential, it is necessary for us to require that the customer and the person you designate as the Third Party both sign the return card. Once we receive the return card, the program will remain in effect for as long as you are our customer or until we receive a request to discontinue it.

You can call 213-974-7222 for additional information. Our customer service representative can also discuss other programs and services that may help you.


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